Demand for bioplastics goes up says Alagappa University


N. Rajendran, Vice-Chancellor, Alagappa University, has said demand for bioplastics, produced from renewable sources, has increased by manifold in the recent times after India and several other countries banned single use and other plastic items, which posed threat to the environment.

Addressing the inaugural session of two-day International Conference on “Recent Trends in Bioplastics (RTB 2019)”, organised by the Department of Microbiology (DMB) here on Tuesday, he said plastics had become inevitable and part of life but the potential environment hazard has rendered them prohibited ones.

Citing recent estimates, he said the global bioplastic market is expected to grow from 17 billion dollars business this year to almost 44 billion dollars in 2052 and hoped the conference would lay the platform to share innovations in the recent bioplastic research.

“Researches for creating healthy humanity and a better society should be the aim of all research endeavours in all fields of science,” he said.

Referring to the air pollution in Delhi and other cities and setting up of Oxygen centres, he said it had become an urgent necessity to control environmental pollutions to protect the mankind from the perils of health hazards. “Researches in this area assume significance in the current scenario,” he said.

Addressing the conference, Mr. Parasuraman Padmanabhan of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, called for the promotion of bioenergy from various renewable sources as the World Health Organisation (WHO) had cautioned that ‘We should be free from the use of petroleum and plastic products by 2025.’

“Biotechnological innovations would help in three essentials sectors of life such as health, energy and environment; and hence greater attention has to be paid in the biotechnological research which would ultimately safeguard the environment as well as human health,” he said.

G. Ravi, Head, Department of Physics, Alagappa University, called upon the research community to focus on converting agricultural wastes into bioplastic materials.

Prof Rajendran released the first copy of abstracts of research papers and they were received by the dignitaries and guests.

Source: The hindu

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