DEHCH safe for use in food packaging – EFSA


The European Food Safety Authority has concluded that bis(2?ethylhexyl)cyclohexane?1,4?dicarboxylate (DEHCH) is safe for consumers when used in PVC film coming into contact with food.

Efsa’s panel on food contact materials, enzymes and processing aids (CEP) assessed the safety of PVC film manufactured with 25% w/w DEHCH in contact with aqueous, acidic and low?alcohol foods for long?term storage at, or below, room temperature. The substance is used as a plasticiser in PVC film.

In an Opinion published in the Efsa Journal on 29 January, CEP said DEHCH did not raise a concern for genotoxicity, but there was uncertainty on the potential for its accumulation in humans.

It concluded, therefore, that the substance is not a safety concern “if it is used in PVC in contact with foods for which simulants A (10% ethanol) and B (3% acetic acid) are assigned”. Migration should not exceed 0.050 mg/kg food, it added.

The films are not intended for use in reheating food.

There are currently no hazard classifications for DEHCH.

Source : Chemical Watch website

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