• Austria-based converting giant Constantia Flexibles Group is set to launch a production facility in Ahmedabad, India. The new facility will focus on the company’s recyclable EcoLam range of products from the Ecolution product family – consisting of lightweight mono-polymer laminates based on PE with a carbon footprint of 32%.

    Constantia claims that this will be the first plant across the globe which is completely designed and dedicated for recyclable flexible packaging.

    According to a representative from Constantia Flexibles, “We at Constantia are aware of our responsibility regarding the environment. Therefore, our company is always looking for new solutions on how to produce packaging in a way that is minimising the environmental impact and ecological footprint.”

    The plant is in tandem with the European strategy for plastics in a circular economy which stipulates that all plastic must be recyclable by 2030.

    “With the products produced at Constantia ecoflex Ahmedabad, we will help the food industry to fulfil the legal requirements and at the same time create products that appeal to the growing number of consumers who care about sustainable products,” the representative added.

    The plant comes with a Plug & play concept which aims to supply to its customers worldwide.

    Located near Constantia Flexibles’ Parikh Packaging unit, it is expected to be unveiled during autumn 2019, and the production will be in full swing from Q3.

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