Constantia Flexibles unveils new packaging solution ‘Flexible Blister’

Constantia Flexibles

The world’s third largest flexible packaging producer, Constantia Flexibles, has launched a new packaging solution called ‘Flexible Blister’, with a main focus on portability and customer satisfaction.

The new solution runs on conventional strip packaging equipment and it has similar barrier protections to that of traditional blister packaging, despite having flexible film on both sides.

The Flexible Blister packaging system is ideal for dietary supplements, oral dosage pharmaceuticals and personal care pills, as well as, it is viable for both prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

It can accommodate various specifications, tablet shapes and sizes, like other, more traditional blister packaging systems. The company states that the solution can also incorporate anti-counterfeiting measures.

The blister packaging solution features a conventional and convenient push-through opening, which is common in standard blister packaging.

Frederick Lutz, Director of Sales & Service at Constantia Flexibles stated, “The ergonomically advanced design of the Flexible Blister packages present numerous benefits including portability, durability and accessibility.”

“The result is a packaging solution that adds heightened customer convenience without sacrificing product protection,” Lutz added.

Flexible Blister is a “drop-in” technology, which requires no changes to existing production equipment, as it is capable of getting incorporated into existing strip-pack lines.

Constantia can apply consumer information on the packaging either printed or affixed to the strip packaging, eliminating the need for consumers to carry a secondary cardboard carton while travelling.

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