Comexi Develops Technical Laminated Solutions Responding to the Sustainability Claim


The company will present at K Fair the new closed chamber roto gravure trolley, which is especially designed for water-based coatings

Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, is firmly committed to sustainability and recycling. The company is aware that the objective of a circular economy is no longer a mirage, but rather a perfectly distinguishable reality in the not-so-distant horizon. This new paradigm in waste management and recycling is driving the market towards recyclable and easier-to-handle packaging and is also more sensitive with the converting environment.

Consequently, the laminating market is moving towards barrier coatings and some other sustainable alternatives, such as the lamination of same-nature materials. Water-based coatings and avoiding the VOC emission are gaining importance. For this reason, the Comexi Lamination Business Unit is working to develop technical solutions to give a response to this sustainability claim. The main objective is to deliver eco-friendly solutions without sacrificing any of the properties and performance demanded by customers.

Comexi has designed two specific solutions which satisfy these needs without moving a single inch from the industry standards. These two new solutions are a perfect match for the different coating trolleys of Comexi multipurpose laminators, enhancing even more the company’s range of solutions across the whole flexible packaging industry.

A solution for highly-demanded water-based coatings

In particular, Comexi Lamination has recently developed a closed chamber roto gravure trolley that is especially designed for water-based coatings. Thanks to this new method, higher grammages can be applied while delivering an exceptional visual quality that is rarely achievable with standard methods. This system not only delivers a solution for highly-demanded water-based coatings but also improves to a great extent the current systems, allowing to give better barrier properties achieving more sustainable alternatives.

This performance is achieved, first and foremost, due to the pressurization of the doctor blade chamber. The pressurization results in a smoother application, which is extremely appreciated for water-based coatings, while at the same time making it easier to work with substantially larger grammages and delivering a self-cleaning technology. Using standard methods this can be a challenging application, particularly when trying not to sacrifice the visual appearance.

Comexi Flexo GL trolley is able to perform full or register applications

Furthermore, Comexi has developed a system to satisfy at-register application coatings which cannot be executed with their pressurized rotogravure trolley. This is possible thanks to the Comexi Flexo GL trolley, which is able to perform full or register applications as well as holographic effects. This system, aside from providing extreme versatility, allows for quick changeover in a matter of minutes due to its sleeve technology, changing patterns, and grammages. In a market where the runs are getting shorter and shorter, it is getting increasingly important to achieve quick changeovers.

In the same line, Comexi recently launched the Comexi ML1 MC, a perfect match for water-based coatings which, in fact, need high drying capabilities. This coater and laminator, which was designed for the highest demands and has high-performance turrets and very efficient modular drying units, delivers outstanding results even in the most challenging jobs.

Another solution specially designed for sustainable lamination and coating is the Comexi L20000, particularly engineered for working with water-based adhesives and coatings. It complements the Digital Printing HP Indigo, offering a hardly beatable combination of time to market, waste reduction and environmental sustainability. Its special application system that allows quick changeovers, together with its high efficiency drying system and very precise web tension control, make the Comexi L20000 the perfect option for digital printing.

Comexi has a complete range of laminators and coaters able to deliver a solutions for almost any market demand imaginable. One of the company’s top sellers is the Comexi ML2, a machine which is the evolution of one of the company former flagships, the Comexi DUAL. This laminator can work with solvent-based, water-based or solvent-free adhesives as well as Holographic effects.

The ML2 provides a wide range of lamination and coating options, works with materials up to 1530 millimetres wide, and operates at a speed of 450 meters per minute. Additionally, it allows for any kind of register or full coating and applications such as cold seal, heat seal, ink or varnishes. All this flexibility comes thanks to its easily interchangeable technological trolleys: the gravure with open chamber, the gravure closed chamber, the solventless, the flexo GL, and the semi-flexo.

Thanks to its constant innovation in the field of finishing, Comexi is also offering holographic solutions, providing the converter with an additional benefits. This technology allows attractive and dazzling designs for supermarket shelves, as well as anti-counterfeiting properties.

The Comexi Futura is a machine specially designed for holographic finishes thanks to the Cast & Cure technology. This machine allows for laminating without solvents, as well as the application of Cold-foil, UV lamination, and various coatings to give additional attractiveness to the final packaging.

Furthermore, the company will also present the newly upgraded Comexi SL2 with 15-inch panoramic screens and the integration of the Comexi Cloud system. As a result of this new configuration, the Comexi SL2 is leaping towards the Industry 4.0 and user interface excellence. With these new screens, difficulties with recipe creation and job storing, access to technical documentation or maintenance procedures will be a matter of the past.

Source: Comexi

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