cartridge packaging

Collapsible and high performing 2-component cartridge packaging

“There will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050” (World Economic Forum 2016)
Every year 4.8 to 12.7 tons plastic waste end up in the sea – the counter now is at 86 million tons.

This has led to massive international reactions for legal regulations and fines on plastic waste all over the world.

Sulzer Mixpac take environmental responsibilty serious and strive to conribute to green initiatives. With ecopaCC ‘Collapsible Cartridge’ the remaining packaging waste is reduced up to 82%! Focussing on the whole value chain it was also possible to reduce the CO2 emissions per item due to the precollapsed packaging which saves space in transportation.

The collapsible tubes can be compressed upto 85% compared to solid cartridges and occupies less space during transportation, which in turn reduces the number of vehicles required to carry the boxes. Hence CO2 emmisions are reduced.

This Immensely helps in reduction of plastic waste and is environmental friendly

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