Coca-Cola Debuts Label-less Bottles in S. Korea

Coca-Cola’s newly designed plastic bottles without labels are to increase recycling efficiency. (Coca-Cola)

The Coca-Cola Company on Monday released its first label-free plastic bottles in South Korea.

The company has removed the plastic label to increase recycling efficiency and adapt to the nonlabel trend in the industry to protect the environment.

According to the company, they implemented a contour crafting design on Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero plastic bottles.

The history of the design goes all the way back to 1915, when the company patented the bottle designed with the curved shape and flowing vertical line on the surface in the shape similar to a cocoa fruit.

At that time, this contour design was used to differentiate Coca-Cola from other soft drinks.

Coca-Cola Contour Label Free products will be sold online in bundles of 24 drinks of 370 milliliters.

To differentiate original Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero, original Coca-Cola is capped with a red lid and Coca-Cola Zero is capped with a black lid.

“The Coca-Cola Company not only removed the label to increase recycling efficiency, but also to open the nonlabel 2.0 era with ‘Coca-Cola Contour Label Free’ that enhanced brand heritage,” said a representative from the company.

The company had been working on sustainability since last January by releasing the first label-free carbonated drink in South Korea, Seagram’s, followed by other nonlabel bottles for water products and sports drinks such as Toreta.


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