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AVI Global Plast

AVI Global Plast last week reiterated its commitment to waste recovery by joining other investors in providing funding of $1 million to Ishitva, a robotics startup that uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things 4.0 to resolve complex issues in sorting valuable waste materials. Ishitva will use the money for research and development directed at scaling-up recycling of plastic, paper, glass and metal in Indian cities and towns. 

“India’s current recycling eco-system faces critical supply or input gaps, created by limitations of traditional human-driven collection and sorting techniques, “ says Mr. Akhilesh Bhargava, Managing Director of AVI Global Plast Pvt. Ltd. “Introducing automated, AI-powered sorting systems to complement existing workforce skills could reduce waste leakages and improve waste quality for recovery and recycling more prudently” he added.

Delivering high-quality recycled PET packaging to ensure safe and consistent consumer experiences in export markets is a key priority for AVI Global, according to Mr. Sukhdeep Sethi, Director of the company. “Our investment in contemporary waste-sorting is a positive step in enabling circular pack designs with best-in-class raw materials,” he says.

AVI Global is strongly investing in effective waste-management and traceability technologies while building a partner-network of waste collectors, recyclers and allied NGOs to improve the overall quality, quantity and accessibility of feedstock to the recycling industry. We intend on making the circular economy grow and thrive by taking all-round action aimed at boosting waste recovery rates in India. 

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