Bye Bye Liner

• A linerless system is enabling logistics centers to continue labeling despite a shortage of release liner.

• Originally developed for sustainability reasons, the HERMA InNo-Liner system is currently enjoying an unforeseen surge.

• Sato printers are also now available for this print & apply solution; they are making their debut at Scandinavia’s leading technology exhibition.

Originated primarily in the interests of sustainability, the HERMA InNo-Liner system is currently receiving a boost because of a raw material bottleneck. “The market for the especially tear-resistant glassine papers that are siliconized for use as label release liner is under strain at the moment,” says Martin Kühl, Vice President HERMA Labeling Machines. “It’s causing a problem in particular where big quantities of large labels are needed, namely in distribution and logistics centers.” The HERMA InNo-Liner system, however, dispenses entirely with liner paper. The labels are coated with a special adhesive which is not sticky at first. It is activated by a micro-atomized water spray as the label is being applied. In consequence, many tons of liner paper can be eliminated from the supply chain – with conventional labels, the liner is completely useless once it has been peeled off. In addition, liner paper supply shortages can no longer exert any influence on a company’s ability to sustain its labeling and shipping operations. The HERMA InNo-Liner system is thought to be the first of its kind to satisfy the performance requirements of modern distribution and logistics centers. In 2019 it won the German Packaging Prize in the sustainability category.

Live premiere at major technology exhibition

The linerless HERMA print & apply system, which was initially equipped exclusively with printers from Zebra, is now also available for the first time with printers from Sato. “Both Zebra and Sato are very popular in shipping and logistics label printing applications. Now even more users can reap the rewards of the InNo-Liner system while continuing to work with their familiar or preferred hardware. Although it’s easy to adopt the linerless system in any case, this broader availability makes it even simpler. And it demonstrates that our linerless technology works well, irrespective of the print technology,” explains Martin Kühl. The HERMA InNo-Liner system in combination with a Sato printer is being premiered at the hi Tech & Industry trade fair, Scandinavia’s foremost industry and technology exhibition, in Herning (Denmark) from October 5 through 7, 2021. This version of the print & apply system can be seen on the booth of Schur Technology (Booth L9060), a Danish company specializing in packaging technology. The exhibit is designed for side labeling, but the system can be configured for top labeling as well. Thanks to sensor control for variable labeling heights, shipping cases of different sizes can be fed to the applicator in any sequence.


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