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Botta is creating sustainable packaging transparency through the Paper Calculator™

As part of BOTTA PACKAGING’s ongoing commitment to reducing their customer’s environmental impact and sustainability missions, they have introduced the use of Environmental Paper Network’s Paper Calculator™ , version 4, to showcase the potential impact reductions of using their recycled, eco packaging products. This will enable their customers to make better, more informed choices when choosing their packaging solutions.

The environmental impacts of virgin paper and virgin cardboard production include deforestation, the use of large volumes of energy, water and chemicals, air pollution and waste problems. Each tonne of recycled paper created uses 100% less trees, 31% less energy, 53% less water and 39% less pounds of waste.

To raise awareness of the environmental impacts of paper choices, Botta use the Paper Calculator™, widely recognised as the most credible, transparent, and independent calculator of environmental impact estimates for a wide variety of paper choices. It is supported by a broad coalition of non-profit conservation organisations and other stakeholders.

Botta chose to use the Paper Calculator™ as it provides independent, scientific calculations based on the entire life cycle of the different papers, from sourcing to the end of life. In addition to carbon savings, the calculations indicate savings in wood use, energy consumption, water usage and solid waste production.

By using transparent, third-party calculations, Botta can show the potential impact reductions of using recycled paper when compared to virgin paper in packaging. Therefore, helping their customers understand the benefits of making more sustainable choices.

For example, if we look at Botta’s Eco-Sleeves packaging solution, these elastic corrugated paper bottle covers are lightweight, stretchable and can be customised to fit like a glove, improving protection whilst reducing wastage. They are made from recycled materials and, as they are made of paper, can be 100% recycled. Using the Paper Calculator™ , Botta’s Eco-Sleeves save 195,95 Kg CO2, 188 gallons of water, for every 1000 products sold when compared to their virgin paper alternatives.

Botta specialise in innovative and versatile packaging solutions. In addition to offering great products, they want their customers to have all the facts about their packaging, so that they can make the most informed decisions for their business. As the world becomes more sustainability orientated, companies need to do everything they can to be making the right choices for themselves, their customers, and the planet, and Botta want to help them on that journey.

To see more of Botta’s Eco-packaging alternatives visit the Eco-Packaging pages of their website.


Source: Company Press Release

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