BOBST drives digital transformation in folding carton sector with launch of connected technology solutions


A combination of new BOBST visionary technologies will bring unparalleled levels of automation and digital transformation to folding carton converters seeking greater agility and efficiency in die-cutting operations. Flatbed die-cutter, MASTERCUT 106 PER, together with the novel digital recipe management tool, TooLink, epitomize the new BOBST vision, unveiled in June, for an entirely connected packaging production system.

Bodo Junge, Product Marketing Director Folding Carton at BOBST, said: “We have identified connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability as the cornerstones of packaging production now and in the future. Our vision for the industry is ultimately about enabling converters to adapt and respond quickly to brand owners’ constantly changing requirements.

“With these four cornerstones front of mind, BOBST is aiming to create a seamless packaging supply chain where machines and tooling communicate with each other to deliver optimum quality and performance, while reducing errors, waste and costs at every point. The introduction of new smart systems, such as our cloud-based workflow platform, BOBST Connect, and TooLink, complement and enhance plant and machine automation to levels not seen before.”

MASTERCUT 106 PER is a next-generation die-cutter with an even higher degree of automation and production capability than its market-leading predecessor. Its new design makes it today’s most highly automated and ergonomic die-cutter, encompassing a range of innovative features, to support the BOBST vision.

It is the world’s only die-cutter that can be set from just a single point of control and the automation of functions and settings, from ‘feeder to delivery’, means minimal operator intervention is required during operation. Stripping and blanking tools settings are now completely automated thanks to the new Matic Plus system which uses cameras to measure the position of tools and then aligns them automatically in register to the printed sheet. Jam detection and setting has also been automated on this new machine, as has the nonstop rack system in the delivery section.

Bodo Junge added: “MASTERCUT 106 PER demonstrates a new and unique level of automation. The new features enable a considerable setup time reduction of 15 minutes, allowing for faster make-readies – so critical to production lines today. Its exceptional level of automation makes this machine the most productive die-cutting equipment for short as well as long runs, enabling packaging manufacturers to be able to accept all types of jobs irrespective of run length.”

MASTERCUT 106 PER incorporates TooLink, a platform that connects the die-cutter with tooling to bring together the entire converting process. Production flexibility, job turnaround times and productivity are all positively impacted by this unique piece of technology.

The die-cutter is data-chipped with TooLink technology, creating a unique digital ID that enables instant recognition through the machine’s HMI. Chip-equipped tools are automatically detected by the machine and a production-ready job recipe is provided, leading to both waste and time savings of up to 15 minutes during job changeovers. It also allows automatic job recall, without any operator intervention.

“TooLink connects, digitalizes and automates converting,” said Alex Volery, Head of Tooling Division at BOBST. “It creates a true converting ecosystem that addresses the key production concerns of efficiency, control, speed, quality and sustainability. With TooLink and its suite of IoT applications, packaging manufacturers have complete oversight of their dies, recipes and job histories and access to a higher level of production data and insight.

“This combination of outstanding technologies is the BOBST vision in practice. For packaging manufacturers, it presents a real opportunity to future-proof their operations against the ever-changing market demands.”

Bobst Mex SA, Switzerland

Source : Bobst Press Release

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