Bioplastic Straws made from Cane Stem Provides Alternative To Plastic

Bioplastic Straws

Ukrainian startup YES Straws has launched biodegradable, single-use drinking straws made from cane stems.
The stems are usually treated as waste in agriculture processes so using these by-products helps to save natural resources and provide farmers in poor regions with extra earnings, YES Straws officials pointed out.

They can be used with both cold and hot drinks and come in three sizes. Small straws can be used for any kind of drinks, medium straws suit fresh juices and smoothies, and large straws are well-suited for for bubble teas.

The company says it currently produces two million drinking straw monthly for distributors, coffeehouses, hotels and restaurants in domestic markets and in Europe and the Americas.

“Today people constantly face air, water, and land pollution.

More and more animals die losing their natural habitat or being damaged by waste.

And plastic is one of the biggest problems here due to its low ability to decompose,” said YES Straws chief operating officer Olesya Vershigora.

“Therefore, every company and individual must care about the produced and consumed products.

We can see a positive tendency of opting for eco alternatives and moving to conscious consumption.”

Source: Vending Times

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