BERICAP unveils new filling aid for AdBlue® containers and light-weight closures for car care products


BERICAP, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic closures, has developed a unique filling aid for AdBlue® tanks in vehicles. It allows car owners to fill their AdBlue® containers easier and faster, and thus helps to comply with current emission standards. Since 2015, all first-registered Euro 6 diesel vehicles have had to use the AdBlue® additive to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. The filling aid from BERICAP simplifies the handling of common 10-litre refueling tanks considerably, which in turn saves valuable time on the road. In addition, BERICAP has developed two weight-optimized closures that can be used both for AdBlue® and for commercially available car care products.

Foldable pourer for AdBlue® container

BERICAP offers various shapes and sizes of expandable pourer types, which provide significant pouring aid to the consumer e.g. when bridging a necessary distance for spill free pouring. They can be used for container sizes from 5 l to 25 l. The foldable pourers are designed for easy push-in application into containers. They fit onto containers with standard neck sizes DIN42 and DIN45 due to their innovative conical foot design – simply press it into the container neck and start pouring leak-free. For accurate pouring results the long expandable nozzle is bendable 180 degrees and will remain in this position without additional fixation by hand. Thus, this innovative feature allows the consumer to keep the container with both hands for save pouring. The flow is fast and steady without leakage.

The pourers are available with and without shrink foil, which can protect against dust when necessary. The BERICAP foldable pourers are already used by notable customers from the automotive, mineral oil and chemical industry.

Optimized closures for AdBlue® and commercially available car care products:

SK 45/26 NG – DIN 45

With the optimized SK 45/26 NG of BERICAP, a new lightweight closure was added to the DIN45 product range that revolutionizes the market for automotive additives such as AdBlue®. The closure fits containers from 5 l to 25 l and offers the highest convenience standards – consumer comfortable knurls support an easy opening of the container. Furthermore, it weighs 30% less than its predecessors, due to an optimized closure design fitting for purpose.

SK 42/21 SFB Safeseal

In cooperation with a leading manufacturer of blow-molded containers, the brand-new SK 42/21 SFB Safeseal was developed for various car care products such as antifreeze, distilled water and basic chemicals, as well as AdBlue®, which significantly widens the range of potential applications. Initial experiences prove an outstanding overall performance. Just like the standard SK 45/26 MAB MDR closure and the light version SK 45/26 MAB MDR NG, the SK 42/21 SFB Safeseal combines an attractive and modern design with a safe application. The knurl design is highly convenient and supports an easy handling and smooth opening. Furthermore, the SK 42/21 SFB Safeseal protects the product with a slit-flex tamper evidence band, which breaks easily with first opening. The BERICAP closure quality is assured by fully automatic and process-controlled state of the art production machines. The closure is designed with boreseal type sealing securing optimum tightness. The closure fits to a 42mm plastic neck.

“The new development of the SK 42/21 SFB Safeseal and the foldable pourer are good examples for BERICAP’s new product developments that – based on understanding consumer application requirements – provide significant advantages to both customers and end users”, says Volker Spiesmacher, Director Sales & Marketing at BERICAP. “Along with our global network of technical service and our own development centers and laboratories, we are able to offer sustainable light weight and convenience solutions, which fulfil the requirements of the latest trends. That is why many well-known brands in the industry trust in BERICAP closure systems.”


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