Bengaluru: Road Built Using 3k kg of Recycled Plastic Waste

The project was jointly carried out by BBMP, social venture .. Read more at:

BENGALURU: A new concrete road using recycled plastic waste has been built to connect RMZ Ecoworld and Outer Ring Road . The project was jointly carried out by BBMP, social venture PotHoleRaja, and ORR companies.

The road (in pic) was laid using what is touted as a first-of-its-kind solution called GridMats , a patented, eco-friendly, durable method, crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic waste, to construct pavements and roads.

In a press release, PotHoleRaja said 3,000kg of plastic waste was used to lay the road. Sourabh Kumar, director, PotHoleRaja, said the work consumed 30% less water than a traditional concrete road and didn’t require any steel reinforcement.

Traditional concrete technology would have emitted 46.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide during this construction, but GridMats produced only 11.9 tonnes, a significant reduction. “We have cut down on close to 34.6 tonnes of CO2e (Carbon Dioxide equivalent) emissions, which is the equivalent of emissions produced by driving a car for 1,38,600km,” Kumar said.

He further said: “Currently, commuters exiting Ecoworld to go towards Marathahalli have to take a big U-turn at Bellandur and the ones entering Ecoworld from Outer Ring Road face a lot of inconvenience due to traffic pileup in the area. This jam is primarily due to commuters having to take a U-turn at a congested junction. A well-designed connecting road directly to Ecoworld will cut down on commute time to a great extent.”



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