Benches Made of Recycled Tetra Pak Cartons Set Up To Raise Awareness About Waste Segregation & Recycling

Benches made of recycled Tetra Pak cartons

As a progressive initiative by the district administration, benches made of recycled Tetra Pak cartons have been set up in the visitor area to raise awareness about the tangible positive impact of recycling. These benches carry a strong message about the power of collective action.

The setting up took place yesterday in the presence of Mr. Nishant Kumar Yadav, IAS, District Collector Gurugram. It demonstrates how recyclable waste like used Tetra Pak cartons can be converted into a wealth of new items like benches and desks.

Shri Nishant Kumar Yadav, District Collector Gurugram said “We are happy to have these wonderful benches made of recycled Tetra Pak cartons on our premises as a showcase of environmentally friendly products. We can all play our part by responsible segregation of waste and choosing environmentally sound & recyclable products.”

Through better waste segregation and recycling, it is possible to reduce the amount of waste being dumped by 85-90%.  The district has introduced many interventions for source segregation of waste and recycling over the past few years. These benches made of recycled Tetra Pak cartons are a tangible example for consumers to adopt recycling in their lives.

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