• In the world of cosmetics, packaging design plays an important role in appealing to consumers and drawing attention to products. Lightweight, practical and secure packaging is just as important as a sophisticated look and sustainable materials.

    Aluminium tubes from TUBEX fulfil all these requirements. They are the ideal choice for guaranteeing excellent protection and high hygiene standards – and they offer a wide variety of design options.

    Being recyclable and eco-friendly tube packaging, TUBEX Aluminium Tubes is the right partner for you. Their blue tube range is made of 100% recycled aluminium. By incorporating either 100% post-industrial or 95% post-consumer recycled aluminium waste, the blue tube products close the material loop and make the circular economy a reality.

    A world of new possibilities for tube packaging can be discovered. TUBEX Aluminium Tubes offers different sizes from 2ml to 325ml, 8-color printing, practical and secure closures, and sustainable materials.

    This is how beauty is going circular!

    Source: tubex-tube website

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