Bakers’ Choice shrinks packs for a better future

Bakers alert! A small change to the packaging of baking chocolate favourites will add up to a big difference.

Smaller packs of the Nestlé Bakers’ Choice range are set to hit the shelves – but there’s a surprise on the inside.

Nestle Confectionery Head of Marketing Joyce Tan said that the smaller packs would still hold exactly the same amount of delicious made-for-baking chocolate as before.

“We want to reduce our use of virgin plastics. That meant challenging our existing packaging design and looking at every aspect of it to cut out any plastic we could.

“While plastic is terrific at ensuring safety and freshness, we need to be thoughtful about its use.”

The change will cut the amount of plastic used each year from products such as Nestlé Bakers’ Choice Choc Bits and Nestlé Bakers’ Choice Melts by around 1.68 tonnes.

“Across the range, that’s enough plastic to cover more than 95 tennis courts every year,” Ms Tan said.

Ms Tan said that cosmetic aspects of the packaging have been stripped back to use as little plastic as possible.

“We’re committed to reducing our use of virgin plastic by a third by 2025 globally, so every change we make, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction,” she said.

The new Nestlé Bakers’ Choice packaging will be available in stores across Australia from November 2021.


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