AVI Global Plast helped recycle 111 million bottles to produce its Prime range of punnets

AVI Global Plast

The packaging industry as a whole, and the plastic packaging industry in particular, is having to evolve and adapt as consumers and retailers want more sustainable packaging for fruit and vegetables without compromising on the shelf life guarantees.

Indian company AVI Global Plast has been offering its range of products globally, in various sustainable and environment friendly solutions such as rPET films. AVI has been constantly working on increasing recycled content without compromising the physical properties of the punnets and currently offers punnets made of rPET films containing 90% recycled content. This helps retailers and brands to achieve their sustainability commitments in Europe and other places. In 2019 alone, AVI helped in recycling 111 million bottles to produce its PRIME range of punnets. In addition to rPET, AVI has developed its punnets in compostable materials providing equal strength and performance.

Keeping an eye on sustainability, AVI is also constantly working on redesigning its punnets, which help in down-gauging and reducing the amount of plastic used and reducing the overall carbon footprint of the plastic packaging.

Heat Seal

A lot of supermarkets are replacing the clamshell punnets with the heat seal punnets, with an aim to reduce the amount of plastic used. Based on this global trend, AVI has developed a range of punnets in various dimensions which allow these punnets to be used as open top punnets, heat seal punnets and also for using in flow wraps. In this range also, AVI has invested in a new machine which helps it down-gauge the punnet by 10-12% with the same strength as the standard punnet.

Stone Fruit 

“We have introduced a new range of punnets for stone fruits (750gms and 1kg packs). As the fresh produce market in India is expanding and growing, AVI sensed the demand for such packaging and have been pioneers in introducing this range. The innovatively designed punnets help in keeping the punnets fresh, safe and reduces wastage in a big way,“ explains Sukhdeep Sethi, Director of AVI Global Plast


Berries have been gaining popularity the world over, and India has also seen a steady increase in the demand. However, owing to the nature of the product they tend to bruise and spoil quickly. AVI saw that an in order to keep them safe until consumption there was a requirement for an innovative design.

“Apart from product safety, berries also require to be stored at cool temperatures and so we designed punnets with strategically located air vents help keep the product fresher for longer period of time.”

Source: Fresh plaza

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