Automated Packaging Systems launches new Cushioning Wrap

Automated Packaging Systems

Automated Packaging Systems, an US based packaging machinery and bagging materials manufacturer, has developed a new cushioning wrap dubbed as AirPouch® FastWrap™.

The new 24 inches wide and 1.25-inch high loft AirPouch FastWrap comprises a patented honeycomb pattern, which allows multi-directional wrapping for improved product protection. This extra wide version of inflate-on-demand protective packaging material is suitable for large products shipping in large boxes, where both void-fill and protection is essential.

It offers easy wrapping of large-sized products while using less material. Packers are allowed to use the exact amount of product due to the perforations placed every 6.75 inches, in order to avoid waste. As compared to pre-filled bundle bubble material, the pre-formed, inflate-on-demand material reduces the storage and shipping costs.

Comes in 1300 linear feet per box, AirPouch FastWrap provides 66% more void-fill space when compared to the conventional protective packaging materials. It is available in EarthAware® and LLDPE recycled and biodegradable blends. It also offers all FastWrap sizes in custom colors.

Chris Rempe, Vice President of Global Marketing, explained that “The growth in online ecommerce has driven the demand for lightweight protective packaging materials that can be used for multiple applications.” “This new AirPouch material meets that need, protecting package contents and filling void space economically.”

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