APK’s first commercial facility for Newcycling process will soon be operational

German recycling technology company APK has announced that its first commercial facility for its “Newcycling” process will soon be operational.

APK manufactures high-quality plastics (LDPE, HDPE, PP), plastic mixtures and compounds made of pre- and post- consumer plastic wastes.

According to a company spokesperson, APK aims to put onstream an 8,000 t/y recycling line at its site in Merseburg before the end of first quarter of 2019. This will lead to the creation of between 10 and 20 new jobs. Any information related to the size of the investment remained undisclosed.

The capacity figure relates to the input of multi-layer PE and PA films, which the facility will process into high-quality, clean-grade recyclate using a solvent-based process. The recyclate can be reused for the production of plastic packaging.

The second plant of German recycler’s is in the planning stage at the present time. A company spokesperson said that the site will “most likely” focus on recycling post-consumer waste into high-quality, clean-grade PE and PP resin.

In mid-2018, APK entered into a partnership with chemical and consumer goods giant Henkel, packaging group Mondi and polymer producer Borealis to explore requirements for the operation of a commercial facility. The companies produced a Henkel stand-up pouch made mainly of LDPE recovered through the Newcycling process.

Apart from the Newcycling facility, APK has over 12,000 t/y of processing capacity for mechanical recycling and a workforce of around 100.

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