A new era for bottle manufacturing and filling


Amcor 360 is Amcor’s new transformational packaging service and solution that brings huge opportunities for Amcor customers who are looking to establish nimbler, more efficient supply chains and better sustainability outcomes.

One of the most distinct transitions of the previous century was arguably the shift from horse drawn cart to the motor car. Within 10 years, the horse had disappeared from many urban roads. Few could have imagined at the time that this would be possible. This level of “total system change” disruption is both exciting and inspiring.

Fast forward to the twenty first century, and the speed of innovation is rapid in this technologically driven age. This means a new product or service can be radically different from the norm. Such contrast can create uncertainty and make potential adopters feel hesitant, asking questions such as:
“How much time and energy will be required for me to switch to this?”
“How realistic is this for me?”
“Does this really work?”

Sure, there can be an upfront investment when adopting breakthrough innovative products and services, but it would be short-sighted to overlook the efficiencies brought by new products, services, or a new approach. And don’t forget that first movers often reap the biggest rewards, with respect to reputation and profits.

Combining product and service transforms packaging manufacturing
The Amcor 360 service model utilizes LiquiForm® technology to provide customers with a formed and filled product; it is a system disrupter, the kind of innovation that presents huge opportunities for our customers who are looking to establish nimbler, more efficient supply chains and better sustainability outcomes.
Amcor 360 helps branded customers, private labels and co-packers to envision their future supply chain by taking a holistic approach, looking at every process involved. The team will then construct a complete packaging solution that brings cost efficiencies and more sustainable manufacturing practices to light.

Forms and fills its own container
Amcor 360, powered by LiquiForm, is both a product and a process where the liquid forms and fills its own container. At the forming stage, the consumer’s liquid product fills the pre-form, thereby forming the desired shape of the finished container. The product literally forms its own container as it fills.

Amcor 360 combines this technology with a tried and tested business model that helps customers create new production options and realize value in new ways.

Who is Amcor 360 for?
There have already been two significant milestones for Amcor 360 customers. Amcor led the design and build of the first commercial machine; and it introduced the first commercial product – a bottle of hand wash for Nature’s Promise – manufactured by machinery in Amcor’s existing facilities.

Going forward, Amcor will own and operate the machine for customers at their manufacturing site. Utilizing the LiquiForm technology, bottle forming and filling takes place in one location, on one machine, in one step. So Amcor 360 simplifies the supply chain; localizes distribution; and improves the sustainability of the entire operation.

Steve Berry, packaging industry and branding professional, utilized Amcor 360’s technology and business model in the manufacturing and production of Nature’s Promise hand wash. Steve said that as a co-packer, he has thousands of square feet dedicated to storing “air”- empty bottles – which is incredibly costly. The ability to run from liquid to finished goods frees up space for manufacturing, and eliminates incoming freight, allowing him to streamline his business processes. In addition, the improvements in the weight of the packaging, and the design details enhanced by the liquid forming the bottles, further underscore the value of this new era in packaging, enabled by Amcor 360.

Other brands are seeing the advantages of Amcor 360 for their supply chain. In fact, a second customer will soon be launching a product in an Amcor 360 powered by LiquiForm bottle.

Winning industry recognition
Amcor is excited that Amcor 360 has already won two prestigious awards this year: it was recognized by Packaging Europe’s Sustainability Awards; and Liquiform was a Diamond finalist in Dow’s Awards for Packaging Innovation.

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