Amcor research shows consumers worldwide want to recycle more

• A new survey of 12,000 consumers in six countries worldwide shows that 76% of them would like to recycle more than they do now.
• Recyclability is the packaging sustainability attribute consumers care most about, above other options including reusability and the type of materials used.
• Amcor also released its 2021 Sustainability Report showing strong progress on its aspirations, including multiple innovations that provide consumers with the opportunity to recycle more.

ZURICH, Nov. 18, 2021 – When it comes to packaging and sustainability, consumers are clear: provide options to recycle more, make recycling easier and ensure the product is in fact recycled.

Those are some of the key findings from a new Amcor survey of 12,000 consumers across six countries worldwide. The study showed 76% of consumers across the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Australia, China and Brazil want to recycle more and find recyclability is the most important sustainability attribute for packaging – above other aspects including reusability and the materials used.

Consumers are also calling on both brands and governments to make changes: 83% said they want brands to make it clearer how to recycle packaging. At the same time, 80% think it should be the responsibility of recycling service providers, such as local governments, to improve infrastructure so that packaging can be recycled in practice.

Amcor Chief Commercial Officer Peter Konieczny said: “This research shows the great opportunity to help consumers recycle more. At Amcor, we are working to provide the responsible and high-performance packaging consumers are looking for. To increase recycling rates, the research also shows that consumers see both brands and governments playing a role in improving recycling and waste management infrastructure.”

Amcor also released today its 2021 Sustainability Report, which shows the company is making strong progress towards its sustainability aspirations. Consumer desire for more recycling aligns directly with Amcor’s pledge to make 100% of its products recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Vice President of Sustainability at Amcor David Clark added: “Amcor is making strong progress on our commitment to innovate on packaging design, to collaborate for waste management infrastructure and to educate for greater participation in recycling.”

Amcor reported that 74% of all its products are now designed to be recycled and that it increased its purchase and use of recycled content by 86% in the past two years. The packaging company also continues to reduce its environmental footprint thanks to its EnviroAction program, including a 57% year-on-year increase in renewable energy use.


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