ALKOflex™ tab: Consumer preferred big tab liner

big tab liner

80% of respondents prefer the ALKOflex™ tab!

ALKOflex™ tab is one of the latest innovations out of the Meyer Seals® ‘induction family’. To uncover the views of the public, independent research was conducted by Consumer Link in London. The respondents were men and women aged between 21 and 65, a cross-section of the population regularly purchasing the three target categories milk, condiments, and coffee.

Clearly, consumers prefer the ALKOflex™ tab over other currently used induction seal liners, rating it the best easy to open product. ALKOflex™ tab is different from the conventional seals but at the same time has proven to be familiar to the respondents. From the youngest to the oldest ALKOflex™ tab meets the needs of all consumers with an intuitive opening.

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