Alimentos Triângulo Mineiro


A SIG filling machine CFA 712 for aseptic carton packs combiblocSmall has been in operation at the Alimentos Triângulo Mineiro plant in Canápolis, Minas Gerais, since August. The filling machine, with a capacity of 12,000 packs per hour, is filling condensed milk and milk mixture.

Since its founding in 1985, Triângulo has been gaining market share due to work done with great affection, love and dedication, as well as its strategic location in the Triângulo Mineiro, near the Paranaíba River. This location enables fruit and milk producers and suppliers to benefit from the appropriate temperature and soil fertility, recognized worldwide. In this way, Alimentos Triângulo Mineiro achieved a prominent position in dairy production and fruit industrialization.

“That’s why we knew we needed to go further and expand our production line. The choice of SIG as one of our partners in carton packs was driven by the excellent performance of the filling lines, their high flexibility and minimum waste rates”, says Ricardo Figueira, director of Triângulo.

Efficiency is competitive edge

SIG’s filling machines for aseptic carton packs, such as the CFA 712, are well known for their excellent performance and lower market loss. The high technical efficiency of the filling line is complemented by the unique longitudinal seam sealing of the carton packs, which ensures maximum package integrity and additional product safety. SIG customers receive the packaging material – produced in SIG’s production plants – as flat pre-fabricated sleeves, printed with the required design, precisely marked with fold lines and pre-sealed. In addition, the entire SIG system is very flexible, allowing the filling of different volumes in the same machine without the need of exchanging parts or placing kits. The system also allows the filling of products with different degrees of viscosity.

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