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ACG Group Introduces NXT Series of Smart Pharma Production, Inspection and Packaging Equipment

ACG Group, a supplier offering end-to-end manufacturing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry – showcased a comprehensive portfolio of next-generation production, packaging and inspection machinery. Comprising equipment solutions from two of its four business units, ACG Engineering and ACG Inspection, the NXT Series are future-ready machines, said to provide smart USERs experience to customers. Under the NXT series, the machines included are Protab 300 NXT, Protab 700 NXT, BMax NXT, KartonX NXT, Verishield CS18 NXT.

An acronym, USER stands for UltraHMI, StealthDesign, ExploreAR (Augmented Reality) and RevealiOT. Combined, the elevated elements, bring sweeping changes to a significant portfolio of ACG machinery including tablet presses, blister and cartoning packing equipment and serialization units for Track and Trace applications. The result is a sizable step forward in all facets of the production experience. The description of USER is as follows:

UltraHMI: Aligning with the continued push for increasingly automated manufacturing solutions, ACG’s newly imagined HMI system provides seamless control of high-precision, contamination-free machines requiring minimal human-machine interaction. Highlights include a simplified operator experience, better data visualization, decision dashboard and, it is IIoT enabled.

StealthDesign: With a smooth, flowing style, the sleek new machine look exemplifies ACG’s commitment to versatility, maneuverability, and maximized output at a minimized footprint.

ExploreAR: Smarter, secure, and faster, ACG’s unsurpassed Augmented Reality solutions raise the bar of process efficiency. Harnessing the potential of AR technology, ExploreAR reduces production downtime, identifies and resolves maintenance issues more quickly and keeps manufacturing moving at a more optimized pace. Highlights include real-time monitoring, remote diagnosis and proactive service support, proactive maintenance and more realistic operator training.

RevealiOT: ACG’s IIoT platform enables inter-machine connectivity and smart manufacturing processes via easy-to-read dashboards detailing heretofore difficult-to-measure KPIs. Digestible data provides actionable metrics, a quantum leap in transparency leading to predictive maintenance, improved product quality and maximized overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The treasure trove of new information also allows for ‘Golden Batch’ repeatability and optimized production schedules, significantly improving machine efficiency while reducing line downtime.

Source: ACG Press release

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