A&R Carton introduces small size high fibre content composite can

fibre content composite can

A&R Carton meets the need for sustainable smaller containers with its new sizes of the composite can Boardio® with an optimised fibre content of 90%. The consumer convenient cans can replace full plastic containers for nutritional supplements, snacks, chewing gums, powders etc. without compromising product safety and protection.

The packaging industry is part of a major change where all packaging alternatives are critically judge on its environmental profile. Maximised fibre content and recyclability is high on the agenda. A&R Carton now presents its Boardio composite can in new version targeting to replace the smaller full plastic containers on the market. The high fibre content of up to 90% means the use of fossil based plastics can be minimised substantially.

“Our new Boardio packaging has attracted lots of interest with its clear environmental profile. Its flexibility in shape and size makes it ideal for a wide range of food and non-food products. The new smaller sizes is a sustainable alternative to full plastic containers and can thereby support brand owners to reach their set targets on environmental footprint reduction”, says Johan Werme, Sales Director for the Performance Packaging segment.

The Boardio packaging is a complete system solution where all components as well as machinery is supplied by A&R Carton, a member of AR Packaging. As for all packaging system solutions from A&R Carton, the Boardio components are delivered flat and hence minimise  resources used for transportation and storage. The unique look attracts the eyes of the consumers and thereby enables increased sales for the brand owner, while the adapted barrier and high fibre content qualifies the smaller cans as a “green” alternative.

“The high ratio of renewable fibre-based material and minimised use of plastics make Boardio recyclable in a similar way as all carton based liquid containers“, says Johan Werme. “Currently the fibres are recycled and used for new products while the minimised plastic part is energy recycled. Intense development and investments are ongoing both in Europe and globally which will make the small plastic part recyclable into new products in the near future.”

Further optimisation of the environmental profile of the Boardio packaging is ongoing and a targeted introduction of bio-based plastic will increase the renewable part to more than 95% with maintained pack integrity.

Source: A&R Carton

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