A New Eco-Packaging solution for sustainable bottle protection: “EcoSleeve Plus” by Botta Packaging

Eco-Packaging solution

EcoSleeve Plus is an innovative Eco-Packaging solution engineered and launched by Botta Packaging to
cater for the increasing need for eco-friendly and sustainable protection for bottles and cosmetic flasks.
With EcoSleeve Plus, Botta Packaging combines four key propositions in one single solution: protection
and safety of fragile products, aesthetic appearance of packaging, sustainability and eco-friendliness of
materials and finally, savings on logistics costs.

EcoSleeve Plus features two layers: a cushion-like flute paper lining coated with a flat paper cover. Recycled and recyclable paper is the main material that makes up this product, keeping it ‘Circular by Nature’ as FEFCO’s motto suggests with paper packaging.

According to Packaging Waste Statistics from Eurostat1 , in 2017, around 174 kg of packaging waste was
generated per inhabitant in the EU zone. Fragile products normally generate more garbage due to multilayers of packaging required for their safety. For this reason, EcoSleeve Plus is born to solve the
sustainability problem of fragile packaging by reducing the packaging layers, and consequently packaging
waste while maintaining the same level of protection.

EcoSleeve Plus can be used to replace the standard inner plastic bubble wraps. When loading many items
inside the overpack, no cushion is needed since the corrugated paper lining of EcoSleeve itself acts as a
mattress covering each item, avoiding the crushing of products as well as protecting labels’ print quality.

EcoSleeve Plus is also an innovation to save on logistic costs. Due to its sleeve-like shape, the manipulation is easier, just by sliding the sleeves along bottles for flasks, reducing time and labor in packaging. Stored in its flat state the storage space is minimized thanks to its male to female flutes; thus saving warehousing and monitoring costs. The flat external paper-covering helps limit thickness and keeps tertiary packaging sizes small, hence helping to reduce loading space, transportation journeys and costs.

EcoSleeve Plus is available in customized sizes, various color ranges and allows for other marketing and
printing possibilities on its external flat paper surface giving it the additional added value.

Source : Botta Packaging Press Release

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