A fresher outlook for PVC packaging

PVC packaging

PVC films play an important role in keeping fresh food healthy and fresh, protecting consumers by keeping their fresh food from early spoilage and free from contamination. They are universally recognised as one of the best packaging products for the food and beverage industry. It offers users excellent product presentation and clarity, unsurpassed physical properties including heat tolerance, controllable gas and moisture vapour transmission capabilities and exceptional sealing performance.

Integrated Packaging PVC cling films are highly transparent and glossy, have exceptional anti-fog properties and good moisture and oxygen transmission rates to ensure fresh food products maintain excellent visual presentation over an extended shelf life. Our film’s high strength provides added protection to reduce spoilage and wastage from consumer mishandling, while the superior cling properties eliminate pack leakage.

We have developed a comprehensive range of films with customised attributes with benefits for all kind of food types, including meat, seafood, poultry, fruits and vegetables, pastries and deli products. Our quality product innovations improve the freshness and shelf life of these products whilst meeting and exceeding the highest international food safety standards.

One of our many innovations with our range of Australian made PVC films was the removal of phenol and phtahalate based additives as soon as they were identified by the European Union as substances of concern to human health. We have led the Australian market in finding safe alternatives to these materials that still retain the clarity, strength and cling characteristics that our films are chosen for. We don’t use Palm Oil or BPA in our films either, as part of our environmental and food safety stewardship commitment. This approach contrasts with other PVC film suppliers, some of whom use lower cost plasticisers that could risk the health and well-being of people consuming foods wrapped with those products.

We continue to invest in our product development and raw materials selection and in our Australian based manufacturing facilities to maintain a reliable, short lead time supply of high-quality products that meet our customer’s increasingly demanding applications.

Our Australian manufacturing facility holds International Quality and Food Safety accreditations and are an active member of the Australian Vinyl Council’s Product Stewardship Program. We recycle all process waste generated from our manufacturing activity, including PVC waste so that nothing goes to landfill from our site. Clean, separated PVC waste is currently recycled in Australia and is readily turned into a wide variety of products where PVC’s unique properties makes it ideal, such as road markings, playground equipment and footwear.

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