Norner and Palsgaard

100% vegetable-based additives developed by Norner and Palsgaard

Together with Norner, Palsgaard have developed additives for food packaging from 100% vegetable products.

The pressure to develop new plastic materials based on renewable natural resources has led to a quest for renewable polymer additive solutions that offer excellent technical performance. An example is vegetable?oil based additives made of oleo chemicals writes Jorunn Nilsen at “Emulsifiers for Good”.

Applications for such additives are; Lubricants, Antistatic agents, Antifogging agents, Plasticisers and Stabilisers. Oleo chemistry is a tailor-made chemistry and by changing parameters as alcohol type, fatty acid, chain length, saturation, degree of esterification a wide variety of properties of the end products can be achieved.

EU has defined new and ambitious targets for circular economy and recycling of materials. This includes packaging materials. The FuturePack project, led by Norner as one of the research partners, develops know-how on technologies and requirements to reach these targets for plastics.

Already in 2009, Palsgaard and Norner started a collaboration on food packaging.

Palsgaard sustainable product philosophy and knowledge in the food industry combined with Norner’s advanced laboratories and expert knowledge in the polyolefin (PO) industry has been a good platform for making sustainable additives for food packaging made by 100% vegetable products. The products have been named Einar®, honouring the founder of Palsgaard Einar Viggo Schou and his philosophy.

Source: Norner Website

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