X-ray contamination

A whitepaper on “X-ray contamination detection: large products and – packages” has been prepared by Jørgen Rheinlænder, Director and Founder of InnospeXion ApS.

It gives a brief description of a large product X-ray inspection system, which aims at detecting non-conforming products, such as wrapped cheese blocks, stacked fish blocks, meat blocks, carton boxes with multiple packages, large sealed bags and pouches, etc.

The new low-energy X-ray technology provides a detection capability down to the pixel size of 0.1 mm, and with the highest sensitivity. The tailoring of this technology facilitates a wide conveyor inspection capability.

The paper throws light on the intelligent usage of the X-ray system for large products and packages inspection, as well as its numerous applications relative to foreign body contamination of products.

Jørgen Rheinlaender is the founder of InnospeXion, a company with a 20 year record on producing high sensitivity, high contrast X-ray imaging solutions for a vast number of applications. Since 2011, InnospeXion has supplied advanced autonomous X-ray systems to the fish processing industry. The experiences and advantages of the technology has been successfully deployed for automatic bone detection in the poultry processing industry for the last 5 years.

X-ray contamination detection: large products and – packages

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