The whitepaper on ‘Food Packaging Regulations’ proposed by Sunil Adsule and Virendra Landge throws light on the regulations of food packaging. The paper summarises the principle regulatory requirements for food packaging and food contact materials in major jurisdictions around the world. Today’s food packaging goes beyond its basic functions of protecting, storing, transporting to provide additional functions such as labeling, consumer communication and performance designed for end usage. The paper gives a brief description on the role of packaging and discusses the food packaging innovations. It draws attention towards the good regulatory practices and need for food packaging regulations, as well as mentions Food Contact Material (FCM) Regulations by European Union and Indian food packaging regulations.

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About the author

Virendra Landge

Coca Cola India Pvt. Ltd.

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About the author

Sunil Adsule

Sunil heads Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at Coca-Cola's India and South West Asia Business Unit. In this capacity, he is repsonsible for providing guidance on the Regulatory Compliance, Food Safety, Nutrition and Health Issue to company's Bottling Operations in India & South West Asia, which comprises of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives.

Sunil in his current role handles range of topics related to Regulations of Food & Beverages in India and South West Asia. This includes Food Category & Food Additive Standards, Food Safety Standards, Nutrition & Health Initiatives, Food Packaging Regulations.



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