The plastics industry is at an unprecedented inflection point. The industry’s social license to operate is under attack, testing petrochemicals in new and profound ways. Circularity will require an unprecedented global alignment of government policies, stakeholder values, financial support, and application of transformative technologies.

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Director, Plastics Planning and Analysis at IHS Markit

Robin Waters serves as director of IHS Markit focused on planning and analysis for the advisory services that cover polyethylene and polypropylene.

Mr. Waters brings more than three decades of industry experience to his role as Director of plastics planning and analysis. His responsibilities at IHS Markit cover polyethylene and polypropylene, including support for both market advisory services as well as single client projects and studies related to polyolefins.

About IHS Markit
IHS Markit Circular Plastics Service provides a comprehensive, scenario-based evaluation of how the plastics value chain is expected to transition from a linear to a circular economy. It addresses implications of carbon intensity and the impact on future capital investments within the context of energy transition and carbon valuation, amid changing policy and regulation

Transition levers for circular plastics

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