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GA Circular, a Singapore based Organization recently published a report titled ” The Role of Packaging Standards & Regulations in Driving The Circular Economy

This report aims to review the development of packaging waste policies and standards as a response
to the challenges facing the wordl.. Also examined here is the role, that policy interventions can play in
addressing the growing environmental challenges posed by packaging and packaging waste. The European Union (EU) and Japan have led the efforts in both general and targeted policy interventions
within their respective jurisdictions.

A review of the principles underlying the policy efforts in the EU and Japan reveals three consistent themes:
• Hierarchy of the various potential and existing interventions
• Setting of national targets
• Circular economy / life cycle approach to packaging

A review of the policy landscape in effect in the EU and Japan is conducted in this report, to explore the various regulations and standards which impact packaging and packaging waste. Within the EU and Japan,
there are complex policy structures, regulations and standards in place, to effect a reduction and recovery
of packaging material across its life cycle.

This report also explores the regulatory landscape in each of the ten Association of South-East Asian
Nations (ASEAN) countries in light of the global policies and the efforts to address the issue of packaging
waste. Whilst many countries in ASEAN are making attempts to address the issue of packaging waste, a
comprehensive policy approach is lacking.

Source : GA Circular website

Founder at GA Circular - a business consultancy and program execution partner focused on driving the circular economy in Asia. We envision a world without waste. Our mission is to tackle the fast-growing streams of packaging, food and electronic materials in Asia and to help unlock business opportunities from post-consumer waste.

The Role of Packaging Standards & Regulations in Driving The Circular Economy

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