The White Paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of financial, environmental, and customer satisfaction factors of transporting empty, unoptimized space. The first part of the study is based on logistics-related books, academic research papers, industry surveys, and whitepapers. The second part aims to acquaint the reader with existing regulations and real world packaging optimization implementation cases.

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BOTTA Packaging is a corrugated cardboard box and industrial packaging company since 1947, representing the right mix of manufacturing tradition and innovation. The company has also become specialized in Innovative and Sustainable packaging solutions, in line with its commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility, which earned it the recognition of Italian Eco-Pack by the Turin Polytechnic University, Eco-Packaging Award for Interpreting Circular Economy Through Innovation, and the selection as Sustainable Packaging Experts by Comieco., the advanced e-commerce portal, was created adopting cutting edge and pioneering technologies in the packaging sector, using an Open Innovation

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