Moving from a linear to a circular packaging industry can preserve the natural environment and mitigate the effect on ecology – while allowing consumers to still benefit from the advantages of packaging.

The circular approach is based on three principles: designing out waste and pollution; keeping products and materials in use; and regenerating natural systems. This offers new forms of value creation with significant economic potential for the packaging industry.

As a leading global ink supplier for packaging applications and labels, Siegwerk strongly believes in the benefits of a Circular Economy to tackle this challenge and protect our environment by recycling, reusing, and reducing packaging.

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Siegwerk offers Ink, Heart & Soul to its customers Ink, Heart & Soul – our company philosophy incorporates what our customers experience every day. We know our business and produce inks and individual solutions in close cooperation with our business partners. We are steeped in tradition, yet practice-oriented and with state-of-the-art technology. With more than 180 years of experience, Siegwerk commands a profound product knowledge and expertise for many printing methods. Our actions are market-driven – or even drive the market, which is proven by our many patents.

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