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Over the past couple of years plastics have become the public face of the waste pollution crisis, prompting an
unprecedented consumer and regulatory backlash that shows no sign of stopping. Industry is responding by switching to other materials without considering their environmental impact relative to plastics, or whether sufficient local waste collection systems are in place.

The White paper authored by Mark Victory highlights the gap in consumer understanding of the relative environmental impact of nonplastic alternatives and the unintended consequences this is having across the recycling industries.

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Mark Victory
Senior Editor, Manager, ICIS

Mark Victory is the Senior Editor for recycling at ICIS and is dedicated to expanding ICIS coverage across the sector. Mark joined ICIS in 2008 and has been the editor for 23 separate petrochemical and fertilizer markets. He was also the chief editor of the ICIS Global Automotive report. Most recently Mark has been developing the Europe recycled polyethylene report due to launch late May. Before working at ICIS, Mark covered structured products, international bonds and commercial paper markets.

Regulation risks less sustainable alternatives to plastic

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