Flexible, hygienic, inexpensive and light weight, plastic has over the past 70 years grown to become one of the most popular materials worldwide.
The way we use plastics, however, has drawbacks and these require a global response. More than three-quarters of plastic produced ends up as waste. Plastic is a valuable material and it very often makes no sense, either economically or ecologically, to throw away an item after using it only once.
Plastic packaging in particular has come under severe scrutiny today, because it tends to be used only once and is very often incorrectly disposed of. Awareness is growing, but the issues involved tend to become simplified.

SONGWON has developed a new, “design for circularity” approach that allows plastic to be recycled without loss of stability.

Learn more about the new approach in this white paper authored by Catherine Malchaire et.al 


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About the author

Catherine Malchaire

Catherine Malchaire is a Technical Service Manager working at Songwon International AG. She is responsible for new product development and technical support for the European region. Catherine Malchaire has over 10 years working experience in the plastic and adhesives industry working for different additives and resins producers (Braskem, Celanese and Ciba Specialty Chemicals) in different roles from technical support, marketing, innovation and sales. She holds a degree in Material Science Engineering from the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium.


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