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The whitepaper on"Recent Food Packaging Innovations - Challenges & Achievements" was proposed by Late P DasGupta. It presents the latest innovations in food packaging in the FMCG industry in India as well as provides a brief on the Indian Packaging industry and the emerging trends.

The paper throws light on the major Food & Beverage packaging innovations, for example, barrier-coated PET bottles, tetrahedron polypropylene non woven tea bags, Liquid Beverage concentrate packaging, etc.

High-quality, multiple-use, barrier-coated PET bottles prevent the permeation of gases into your products, such as the penetration of oxygen, or the loss of carbon dioxide in the case of carbonated products.

Tetrahedron Tea bags are transparent as compared to paper tea bags and one can virtually see the tea leaves infuse into the brew.

Liquid Beverage concentrate packaging is becoming popular due to convenience, fast infusion and better end cup delivery.

The paper also mentions the various packaging systems based on barrier pouches with nitroflushing. This kind of packaging is suitable for packing dried fish.

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About the author

Late Mr. P. Dasgupta

Late Mr. P. Dasgupta was a Packaging Consultant located at Bangalore, India. He had a total packaging development experience of around 39 years.

In his last assigment, he was Head Packaging (Foods) South Asia for Unilever India. He retired from Unilever in 2012.


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