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The members of BON Europe – a collaboration of nine national bioplastics associations from across Europe – are alert to current policies and legislative developments regarding #packaging and #waste management across the EU-27, and in particular to diverging measures on #bioBased#biodegradable & #compostable #plastics adopted by different Member States that hamper the free movement of products and undermine the EU’s ambition to lead the transformation towards a more sustainable, #climateNeutral economy.

While current EU rules and legislation on waste and packaging (i.e., WFD Art 22, PPWD Essential Requirements) clearly promote the use of compostable plastics for the separate collection of #biowaste and allow all compostable packaging that is certified according to the harmonised EU standard #EN13432 to be organically recycled, some EU Member States have implemented unilateral national legislation that prohibits all or certain compostable plastics applications from #organicRecycling streams, or apply different requirements, standards, or labelling for these products (see table below).

The current revision of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive #PPWD, as well as the Waste Framework Directive #WFD review and the forthcoming framework on bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics all provide crucial opportunities to implement clear, coherent, and forward-thinking regulatory frameworks that drive innovation in decoupling economic growth from the use of fossil resources and recognising the substantial contribution of the #bioplastics sector to reaching the EU’s climate and waste targets.

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European Bioplastics serves as both knowledge partner and business network for companies, experts, and all relevant stakeholder groups of the bioplastics industry.

Its primary task is to raise awareness and inform businesses, brands, consumers, policy makers, media, and the interested public about the properties, benefits, and potentials of bioplastics for a sustainable society.

Joint Position on The Review of The Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

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