Plastic additives

Additives & modifiers have been considered “Miracle Workers of The Plastics Industry”. True to this, plastics have utilized additives, modifiers & colorants to deliver many innovative products to the packaging industry.
Polymers have replaced glass in many “Clear” applications in packaged mineral water, Food & Beverages sector. Active & Intelligent packaging derive their value proposition from the additives incorporated in them.
In the recent past, the issue of plastics ban & image surrounding plastics for packaging has come under scrutiny. Although, littering & inefficient post – consumer waste management are the key factors contributing to this, plastics will continue to be the mainstay for packaging of F&B, Cosmetics, FMCG & pharmaceutical products.
In this review paper, an attempt has been made to capture the on-going innovations in additives, modifiers & colorants in the emerging scenario going towards establishing a circular economy. We believe these ingredients will continue to be the miracle workers for the conventional oil-based plastics & emerging bio-based polymers & bioplastics. Additives, modifiers & colorants will boost recycling of conventional thermoplastics used in packaging & add value to bioplastics.

Dr. R. Rangaprasad, is currently Business Head, Packaging 360, a Mumbai based knowledge service provider vertical under Catalyzing New Technology (CNT) Expositions & Services LLP. Packaging 360 is a comprehensive knowledge sharing ecosystem for the Indian packaging industry (

Dr. R. Rangaprasad is a chemical technologist by training having earned his Ph.D. (Tech) degree from UDCT (now ICT) in 1992.

Innovations in Additives, Modifiers & Colorants For Packaging Applications

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