Global Food Contact Compliance


Food contact regulatory requirements around the world are complex with different regions requiring their own notifications (US, EU, China, So. America, etc.) for new food contact substances as well as compliance specifications for food contact materials. It is essential to mitigate the risks associated with migration of chemical substances from food contact materials, or articles, into food, which could pose a health threat. Expedited market entry while ensuring the safe use of your food contact material or article is also desirable.

The dynamic global regulatory landscape and the increasing number of regulations present a real challenge for companies developing and manufacturing food contact substances, materials and articles. Each company involved in the production process of the food contact substance, material or article, is responsible for ensuring the compliance of its end-product. For these stakeholders, it is important to know their obligations and to be able to demonstrate compliance.

The focus of this white paper is to provide the latest information on regulatory requirements in key markets including EU, USA, and China. It will highlight how regulations vary from region to region and what is required for compliance.

Food Contact Expert, HERS, Intertek

She is a Regulatory affairs project manager, expert in the Food Contact sector that embraces food contact materials and materials in contact with drinking water. She has a solid experience in worldwide regulations (EU, US, China, Mercosur, GCC, etc.). She also hosts regulatory training at client or in seminar (internal and external).

Business Development Manager, Regulatory Services, Intertek

Director, Business Development, Regulatory Services, HERS, Intertek

Regulatory Specialist, HERS, Intertek

Global Food Contact Compliance

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