The beverage sector is in full growth. During the transportation and distribution of its products, the industry faces major challenges, including problems with packaging, which hinder the distribution process and significantly raise costs. In addition, each specific product and distribution cycle has its own characteristics and potential setbacks to solve, from road transport over more unsafe routes, to extreme weather conditions. For this reason, it is fundamental for companies to optimize their packaging using tools such as simulation testing.


What are you going to learn?

> Current situation of beverage industry

> Keys to safe beverage packaging transportation

> Advantages of implementing transport simulation for beverage packaging optimization

> A success story of beverage packaging optimization at a multinational brewery


Safe Load Testing Technologies is a company is based on the 22 years of experience of its staff in the research and development of new methods and equipment for optimizing distribution packaging.

Safe Load Testing Technologies is a start-up of PACKA VENTURES, a technology-focused company builder that promotes the scientific research, technological advancement, the development of information society and the promotion of sustainability in the packaging, logistics, transport and mobility areas.

Furthermore, as members of ISTA, IAPRI and EUMOS, the company have completely committed ourselves to supply high quality, accurate and innovative technology in order to comply with the main tests and procedures.

Find Out the Advantages of Transport Simulation for Beverage Packaging Optimization

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