The world is consuming more packaging than ever, driven by complex global supply chains and the exponential growth of e-commerce. In their quest to balance cost, operational efficiency, product protection and user experience, however, today’s packaging solutions are coming up short. And companies can no longer ignore the environmental impact of the huge quantities of packaging waste generated every year.

A new DHL Trend Report discovers how e-commerce era drives wave of sustainability and efficiency, and breaks down the trends accelerating the need to rethink packaging.

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About the author

Michel Heck

Michel Heck is Innovation Manager, Trend Research, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

Michel is a passionate Innovation Manager and creative problem solver. In his role, Michel is shaping the overall innovation agenda at DHL through developing industry trend reports and identifying, piloting and commercializing state-of-the art technology solutions for the logistics industry and its customers. Within the Trend Research team, Michel’s work focuses on future application areas of drone technologies within logistics operations and the introduction of upcoming packaging innovations to the business.

Michel joined Deutsche Post DHL Group in 2017 and worked for the global innovation team at the Innovation Centers in Germany and Singapore. Michel studied in France and Germany and holds a Masters degree with a focus on Technology & Innovation Management.


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