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A state -of-the -Review on " Advances in Glass Technology " authored by Mr. Rajesh K. Khosla , President & CEO of AGI-GlasPac, Part of Packaging Products Division of HSIL covers the following critical areas

1. Production of Lightweight Glass containers
2. NNPB Process for Lightweight Glass containers
3. Glass containers with unique codes for Counterfeit proofing
4. New Innovations in Coloring Forehearth technology
5. Hollow decorated glass containers
6. Cullet Processing System

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About the author

Rajesh Khosla

Mr. Rajesh K Khosla is President & CEO of AGI glaspac, a part of Packaging Products Division (PPD) at HSIL Limited, makers of the iconic brand ‘Hindware’. Mr. Khosla brings to the table a passion for business development that reflects in his stellar work ethic that focuses on practical implementation, his end-to-end approach towards business growth that entails employee development, financial analysis, and debottlenecking. His ability to create convergence between innovation and creativity has helped the PPD business at HSIL to scale newer heights. Mr. Khosla is the Current Chairman of EFSI for Telangana & Andhra Pradesh Region.
His ability to induce relevant micro-cultures within departments and align their operations accordingly has catalyzed overall business efficiency for the Container Glass business at HSIL. He also has rich experience of Joint Ventures, Anti-Dumping Duty & Market Development.
Mr. Khosla packs rich corporate experience, with 27 years spread across domains such as global and international businesses, business strategy, mining operations, and marketing. Before joining HSIL, Mr. Khosla served as the President Director and CEO at PT Jindal Stainless, Indonesia. He is also a visiting faculty at numerous renowned universities, where he shares his visionary expertise with students through insightful and motivating lectures.
Mr. Khosla holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgy and an MBA.


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