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In order to drive higher collection of post-consumer packaging for recycling, it is vital to move beyond single company efforts and instead collaborate on industry-wide efforts which pull material through the value chain through boosting the value of the packaging material.

The report provides for the first time, systematic and comparable baseline collection rates for PET bottles (one of the most recyclable forms of plastic packaging) in Southeast Asia and highlights the need for a fundamental shift in the approach to driving circularity of PET bottles. The six countries studied (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia) account for a total population of over 600 million people, more than the population of all the EU’s 28 countries. Five of these six countries are among the top ten global contributors to ocean plastic leakage.

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Founder at GA Circular - a business consultancy and program execution partner focused on driving the circular economy in Asia. We envision a world without waste. Our mission is to tackle the fast-growing streams of packaging, food and electronic materials in Asia and to help unlock business opportunities from post-consumer waste.

Accelerating the Circular Economy for Post-Consumer PET Bottles in Southeast Asia

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