The whitepaper on ‘Weighing and Packing Machines’ is proposed by Peter D'sa, who provided a packaging investment guide for weighing and packing machines. Weighing or packing machines to pack product in any factory is one of the most critical and deciding factor to the success and profitability of the factory. The paper throws light on the criteria for a successful investment on weighing and packing machines that are directly proportional to the overall cost of the machines. Value for money can only be achieved considering the new weighing and packing machines have the optimum qualities such as hugh quality seal packs, low operating costs, and machine warranty, among others.

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About the author

Peter D'sa

Senior Consultant / Engineer
Food & Packaging Industry.

Peter D’sa is an independent senior consultant/engineer with over 33 years of specialized expertise in the packaging industry; having installed, commissioned and serviced a wide range top quality weighers and bag makers in the food and packaging industry worldwide.


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