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The white paper on the Future of Tamper-Proof Pharmaceutical Packaging starts with an introductory note on the pharmaceutical industry. It focuses on the falsified medicine, its definition, problems, and its different types. Falsified medicine is the production of counterfeit pharmaceutical products that do not comply with strict regulatory standards imposed by government. The paper discusses the negative impact of this falsification of medicine as well as the existing laws and regulations imposed by the government agencies to prevent the selling of falsified medicine. It also throws light on the new regulations and its applications.

The paper has been prepared to the context of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/161, effective 2019.

The paper will be useful to R&D Scientists, Packaging professionals, Health & Regulatory experts in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Credit: Origin Pharma Packaging (

NPD Director at Origin Pharma Packaging

Jon Lant is an Experienced product developer in pharmaceutical packaging and drug dispensing devices engaged in growing the Origin brand internationally.

He leads a committed team by example. Having over 25 years’ experience in medicine packaging and dispensing systems, he engages with leading pharmaceutical companies in the UK and Europe to develop compliant medicine packaging and drug dispensing devices.

His core activity at Origin revolves around developing child safe packaging to meet and exceed the requirements of ISO and CFR safety Standards. He has acquired in-depth knowledge of production processes using the latest oil and chemical based polymers and glass in HC types I, II and III.

Future of Tamper-Proof Pharmaceutical Packaging

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