The edible oil sector grew at 25% to cross the USD 20 billion mark in 2017 making it the largest packaged food segment with over 30% share of the USD 65 billion packaged foods market in India.

The paper covers the Fundamentals of edible oil, Spoilage factors & Deterioration of oil, Packaging Material Requirements which includes Metal, Glass, Plastics & Tetra Pak, Semi-rigid, rigid & flexible pouches. The importance of Polymers & their Market share in edible oil packaging, BIS standards & specifications, Labelling requirements, Supply chain, Edible oil consumption trends, Design innovations & brands, a comparative analysis of the Shelf life data in various packs. The paper finally concludes with a note on emerging sustainable packs.

The paper should be of interest to Rigid & Flexible packaging material suppliers, edible oil brand owners, Oil Technologists, students & anyone seeking to understand the role of packaging in brand creation & a healthy lifestyle household commodity.

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About the author

Dr R Rangaprasad

Dr.R.Rangaprasad is a polymer & packaging professional with over 25 years experience. He has served as Consultant at Indian Institute of Packaging Mumbai & as Director at SIES School of Packaging / Packaging Technology Centre. Between 1995 & 2007, He was associated with Product Application & Research Center of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). He has also conducted training & knowledge workshops at leading FMCG companies in the area of design of polyolefin materials for packaging sector.


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