When you are making a new package designing, changing an existing one or even changing the material supplier, you need to be sure of what you are putting onto your production line.  Its always better to catch the defect or mistake at your end before it reaches the market and damages your pocket or reputation.

Poor packaging can lead to damages which are costly in terms of money lost. But if the problem repeats itself, then it can damage your company’s brand image which is even costlier than the money lost.

A state-of-the-art white paper on “Package Testing & Quality Control” prepared by Rohit Chawla; Internationally acknowledged expert in this domain highlights a problem-solving approach to the subject.

The paper should interest packaging development professionals, Production & quality control personnel, in FMCG, F&B, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial & bulk packaging sectors.

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About the author

Rohit Chawla

Rohit Instruments & Testing Services., Vadodara, Gujarat.

A Mechanical Engineer, BBA, Rohit Chawla has studied Packaging Technology (3 months program) at the Indian Institute of Packaging and after that joined  his father's company in early 1998. A member of ASTM (USA) and TAPPI (USA) he has actively participated in the standard development committees of both ASTM and TAPPI and was also chairman of one of the standard development committees of TAPPI in 2016. He has given many lectures on “packaging quality and testing” for students of SIES School of Packaging and Indian Institute of Packaging. He has also conducted a seminar on the same subject recently at Bangkok, Thailand for industry professionals. An active blogger he has recently co-authored a section on Quality and Testing in a book “Food Packaging Handbook” which is due for publishing later in 2018.

He is more interested in solving customer problems and providing solutions and his company is a winner of many national awards for new developments in packaging testing equipments.


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