A whitepaper on “Innovation in Caps and Closures” has been prepared by Ravi Shanker Pandey, General Manager at Ravi Enterprises (Star Closures).

The paper discusses the plastics caps and closures market, with a main focus on the Guala Closures, which ruled the market for 20 years has now given some new variants both in caps or closures.

The existing caps or closures were only modified to give the better Tamper Evidence and pull out. Guala Closures has given only one variant in nip and pints and two variants in Non Refillable Closures.

The paper throws light on the different innovations in plastic caps and closures as well as standard for checking caps and closures.

Mr. Ravi Shanker Pandey is currently working as General Manager in Ravi Enterprises (Star Closures).

He has 18 years of fruitful experience with small, medium and multinational companies in B2B, Direct Marketing and Distribution Network during the course of his assignment with companies. He has worked successfully in the Pharmaceuticals, Water Purifier, Dairy and Plastic Caps and Closures during the course of his carrier. He has successfully launched Ranbaxy in Urology, HUL in Water Purifier,TRU Milk in Dairy Industry, Alisha Torrent Closures in Plastic Caps and Closures.

He is working for last 5 years in Plastic Caps and Closures and successfully launched Torrent Closures and Star Closures. Alisha Torrent Closures has now production capacity of 80 million caps per month and is ranked 2nd after Guala Closures. Star Closures was initiated from scratch and within 3 year Star Closure is ranked 5th in market with a minimum machines and maximum output. Company is on expansion mode and coming year will launch T47 and T59 closures.

Innovation in Caps and Closures

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